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Lisa Elley

2018-2019 Artist Series

Meet Lisa Elley

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Lisa is an award-winning artist, working full time from her studio in Little Italy, San Jose, in the San Francisco Bay. As a professional artist, her vision with her art is clear; To share her gift, and to spread joy and connection with her happy paintings.

Her palette knife painting is fast, energetic, passionate, and provides a beautiful freedom of movement. The thick impasto texture results in a unique reflection of light, and a tactile almost sculptural effect. Working in this manner suits her personality, it feels ‘right’ for her, and she feels happy, and connected to the world with a painting knife in her hand. She craves freedom with her art, and the knife gives her this with loose bold strokes.

Lisa’s pieces are lively, uplifting, colorful and highly textured landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, portraits, florals and abstractions. Most of her paintings depict the landscape and geographical diversity of California. Hundreds of her works hang with commercial and private collectors across the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, England, Ireland, UAE, Italy, France, the Philippines, Netherlands, and Czech Republic.

Lisa loves art and people, so she is more than happy to connect with her collectors on a personal level. When one her clients tells her that they cried when they received their painting, or that it lifts their heart every time they look at it when they walk in their door, it touches her heart too, and makes her feel connected and grateful, and that’s her main inspiration.

Lisa exhibits her art with select brick and mortar art galleries in California, as well as via her own website, other online art galleries, corporate installations, retailers, and social media, with 100K+ followers across her platforms. She also does live painting events, licensing, sponsorship, influencer collaborations, teaches workshops, and liaises with other artists and professionals in the art industry and beyond.

Ultimately the passion Lisa conveys through her art gives her life incredible purpose and meaning, and results in her drive and perseverance with improving, growing and evolving both as an artist, and as a person.

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Get inspired by Lisa on Instagram and Facebook, or visit her personal website.