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Rebecca Schoefer

Meet our 2021-22 Artist

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We are pleased to announce the label artist for the 2019 Artist Series is Rebecca Schoefer.

Rebecca Schoefer, a graphic designer at Wente Vineyards and 45+ year resident of the Tri-Valley, brings a love of color, whimsy, and mod-inspired optical art to the Artist Series collection.

Rebecca insists she’s not an artist but a creative who takes inspiration from everyday experiences. A trip to the grocery store can inspire a color choice from a package seen on the shelf. A walk to the post office can inform a pattern concept that springs from a stamped manhole cover or an interesting garage door texture.

It’s no surprise she loves the pop art of Andy Warhol and the free-form abstract shapes of Henri Mattise. The bold signature prints and dynamic hues from fashion designer Trina Turk are always energizing.

When approaching a new creative project, Rebecca draws from her early career in fashion design. She starts with color, then pattern, then follows with form. Inside of that, a yearning for structure pushes her math-minded left-brain towards the repetitive geometry of organized patterns.

This Artist series was a joyful exercise in color and pattern play. Like winemaking, this duality of art and science is the perfect blend for creating something unique, approachable, and a little fun. A much-needed respite from the complicated world we find ourselves in today. We hope you agree!

Rebecca has been a graphic designer for Wente Vineyards for over four years, and we are thrilled to be able to highlight her talents in the 2019 Artist Series wines.

Four Questions for Rebecca Schoefer

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What was your favorite part of the process?

My favorite part of designing the labels is when it comes live – at a press check. A press check is when we see the actual piece printed and how it looks and feels in three dimensions. It is no longer just a visual. That is almost always the best part of any project for me that has a print component when you get to see it on the substrate. It is real, then.

What is the best advice for someone just getting into design?

The advice I would give to a young designer is to not be afraid and to do the work. Share and create. Don’t take your work too seriously or be too precious about it. Create, create and throw it away and start over again. Share it with people for an outside perspective and gain confidence in your work. You will learn and grow by seeing other people’s reactions to things.

What inspired you for the 2019 Artist Series GSM?

This design was the first one I had in mind when I was offered the opportunity. When I was thinking about what I wanted to do, I knew it would be colorful. I knew it would be patterned. Taking inspiration from multiple sources of geometric designs I had seen recently*, I landed here. Not a new pattern; it is a star pattern; you have seen it on quilts; it is old as dirt. I like to think I brought a fun use of color, it feels very playful and very light, and we need some fun and playfulness in the time we are in now.

*Any mention of actual artists are without permission from said artists and are only cited as sources of inspiration.

What is the difference between an artist and a designer?

I see the difference in a few different ways. I think of an artist as someone who creates from within. They are compelled to create and not with a specific audience in mind, and they have to get it out. As a designer, I am given content, a problem to solve, and an audience I need to solve the problem for. So I have parameters and a framework around what I need to create visually. I end up designing a solution.

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