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Happiest Hour in the Livermore Valley

Wed - Fri 3-6-9

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Featuring $3, $6, and $9 dishes ready to pair with your favorite wine.

3pm - 6pm 5050 Arroyo Road

$2 off a glass of Riva Ranch Chardonnay, Wetmore Vineyards Cabernet & selected cocktails

10% off bottles

Ricotta Toast

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Ricotta Toast

Pairs perfectly with your favorite Chardonnay or perhaps Brut Sparkling Wine.

Rye Bread, Fennel, Citrus, Sunflower Seeds

Smoked Chop Riblets

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Smoke Chop Riblets

Pairs perfectly with Wetmore Vineyards Cabernet or 2017 nth Degree Merlot.

Bourbon Glazed, Pistachio Dill Crumble

Popcorn | Spiced Cheese

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Pairs perfectly with Riva Ranch Chardonnay.

Fresh popped popcorn, spiced cheese

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Wente Cocktails

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Sangria 2

Wente Seasonal Sangria

Made with our wines, we soak the wine in seasonal fruit for 7 days and then strain it. We garnish with fresh fruit

Red or White, Seasonal Fruit

The Wente

The Wente 75

Our take on a classic French 75 cocktail. We add a thyme syrup to this as well, we get the thyme from the garden and make it in house

Wente Vineyards Brut, Brandy, Elderflower Liqueur

Weekend Bubbles

Weekend Bubbles

We make a dragon fruit and sage puree, add some lemon for the acid touch and then top with brut for to add carbonation

Vodka, House-Made Dragon Fruit and Sage Purée, Lemon Wente Brut