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Make Time

The holidays oftentimes mean spending quality time with friends and family. There are moments filled with laughter, making memories, delicious food, and, of course, great wine. To help host during the holidays, we have specially curated wonderful recipes paired with your favorite Wente Vineyards wines, a Spotify playlist to help set the tone, as well as hosting tips and traditions from the Wente family. Cheers to making time for new memories!



Holiday Hosting Tips

With Carolyn Wente

As Chairman and former CEO, Carolyn is now heading the effort to meet the family’s goals for Wente Family Estates: growing the business, strengthening its brand promise, and developing a high-performing organization. An essential part of this effort is to secure an efficient transition, where the fifth and future generations take over a healthy and profitable business with seasoned, trained, and passionate leaders – both family and non-family members.

1.) Plan Ahead
Envision what you want the end result of your holiday party to be – it should always have you enjoying yourself and conversing with guests. There are so many things that you can do ahead of time like decorating, setting the table, chilling wine, making appetizers, etc. Make Time in your planning to celebrate you enjoying your guests.
2.) Decorating Traditions
When you decide to start decorating, enjoy putting them up, remember when and why you got them and reminisce on why they are special to your tradition. Do this early in the season so that you have time to really enjoy your handiwork. When I first lived on my own (early career and started decorating my home, I picked a theme and basic color that I built on through the years. Red berry garlands and wreaths are the foundation of my decorations, which I have added to with pinecones from the Sierra Nevada mountains.
3.) Don’t Cook Everything Yourself
I love to cook and pride myself on putting delicious food on the table with our wines. During the holidays, though, it can be less stressful if you have a few signature dishes that are favorites to cook which you can supplement with prepared dishes from a local restaurant. If guests offer to bring something, take them up on it! They would not offer if they did not want to help.
4.) Offer Different Styles of Wine
The opportunity to explore one or more variety with your meal provides not only a chance to experiment but also for some fascinating conversation. Remember, great wine and food help to make a great dining experience with friends and family.

Holiday Recipes

Asparagus and Herbed Goat Cheese Tartine

Celebrate with our fan-favorite, Louis Mel Sauvignon Blanc! A little history behind the wine…This wine is named after French emigrant, Louis Mel, who came to the Livermore Valley in the 1870’s to grow grapes in the hopes of producing wines that would rival the famed French Crus. He obtained cuttings of Sauvignon Blanc from Chateau d’Yquem and planted them in his vineyards. In the 1930’s, the Wente family acquired those same vineyards and today, continue to produce Sauvignon Blanc – all while paying homage to the man who pioneered their growing in the Livermore Valley.


Set the Mood

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