Give the Gift of Presence this Holiday Season

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Presence. It’s easier said than done in today’s age. With social media, news at our fingertips and an array of noise coming from every angle, it’s not easy to be mentally present at all times. This holiday season, make an effort to stay present with your family and friends — here are a few tips on how:

Learn Something New

If you’re following all of the one-hit-wonder social moments, you might not realize important moments happening in a loved one’s life. Challenge yourself to have deeper conversations with friends, or learn something new about an older relative or grandparent this season. Walk away from your gathering learning 5 new things you had never known about your guests before, perhaps over a glass of wine.

Phones at the Door

You plan an evening with loved ones, all of them arrive, greet one another and at one point in the night you find everyone is on their phones. Make a point to challenge you and your guests to leave your cell phones at the door and enjoy each other’s company in the moment. Feel the need to share about your experience afterward? Write a post about your evening on social media after, challenging others to do the same this season.

Give Yourself Space

It sounds easy to show up and be present at your next work event or family function. But is it? Many of us are challenged with the everyday noise and countless commitments especially during this holiday season. Make it a point to do things that enhance your personal well-being, so you can show up to your next event with a clear headspace.