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Integrated Vineyard Reporting

Wines and Vines Magazine recently profiled Wente Vineyards adoption of new viticulture software aimed at helping the company more easily farm its 3000 acres of Estate vineyards. Check out our excerpt below or read the entire article here.

Integrate vineyard reporting

Wente Vineyards, established in 1883, has just begun implementing viticulture software at its 480,000-case home base in Livermore, Calif. On Tuesday morning, Shokie Lopez, Wente’s vice president IT, will moderate “Vineyard Operations—The Benefits, Challenges and True Costs of Implementing Viticulture Software.” On his panel, Wente’s senior viticulturist Rob Sorenson will relate the challenges involved in putting a new system into play.

“We just bought a new system, and are working on integration right now,” he said, while momentarily distracted from inputting payroll data. When totally online, Wente’s new system will report on some 3,000 vineyard acres, enterprise-wide, from harvest to payroll for some 35 vineyard workers.

“I’m making sure it’s accurate for payroll,” he said. “Hopefully there will be more pros than cons.” He expects to know more by the time WITS rolls around.