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Wente Vineyards Chardonnay Gets Good Reviews by My Vine Spot and Pull That Cork

Two local blogs titled My Vine Spot and Pull That Cork participated in a Tastelive hosted by fifth-generation winemaker Karl Wente where they tried wines and talked about them through a live video feed on UStream and TasteLive. My Vine Spot summed it up by saying "Wente makes at least four different Chardonnay wines that are fairly diverse and I’m sure one, if not all, will fit your fancy. Cheers!", and Pull That Cork ended with "This is the second tasting we have done with Wente and I have to say they make some pretty nice wines. If you are thinking of going tasting in Livermore you should certainly check them out."

Click on the UStream and TasteLive links to see the event in writing and video!

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