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Get the new Ticketmaster app for iPhone

Tickets on the go? There’s an app for that

Introducing the Ticketmaster app for iPhone

Ticketmaster is pleased to announce the latest venture in our market-leading mobile product suite: our new app for iPhone. The much-anticipated app is available on iTunes and will join our mobile optimized (and client-branded) versions of Ticketmaster.com, conveniently putting the ticket buying experience right into fans' hands.

This news is music to the ears of Apple’s approximately 37.9* million mobile users in the U.S. Now they have 24/7 access to Ticketmaster at their fingertips—wherever they are—making it easier for them to find and buy tickets to your events. The app lets fans search and discover nearby events, buy tickets and even broadcast their plans to social networks directly from their device.

The app’s smart auto-locate feature tailors content to a fan's current location, allowing him or her to browse upcoming events by category, venue, team or artist. What’s even more impressive? The app personalizes recommendations, sending text alerts announcing upcoming events and last-minute ticket availability based on the fan's mobile music library and "favorites."

In addition to providing rich, localized live event options, the iPhone app makes buying tickets a breeze. For example, it syncs up to the fan’s Ticketmaster account and order history, allowing secure ticket purchasing without re-entering account information.

Mobile users in particular are drawn to social media and will appreciate the app’s multiple social tools including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Whether it’s searching for or buying tickets, attending an event or talking about their experience, fans will find it even easier to create a buzz throughout their social communities.