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3 Easy Steps To Elevate Your Thanksgiving Table

With the Holidays coming up, the idea of entertaining guests from near and far is probably high up on your to do list. Don’t let the stress of playing host overtake the joy of the season. The Centerpiece of your Thanksgiving holiday is your table and today we are going to show you 3 easy steps on how to elevate your thanksgiving table. It doesn’t take a lot to really wow your guests.

Our Thanksgiving table, and probably yours, will be served Family-Style.

Step#1 Places Settings

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Use fun printed salad plates and stack them on your dinner plates to make a really big impact. Then find a coordinating napkin color. Instead of choosing a difficult napkin fold, it’s easy to do a napkin ring. Add a simple spring of olive and you have a finished, professional place setting.

Step#2 Table Decorations

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Leave lots of room on your table for the main event, the food and of course, the wine. I went with an informal runner, I have bunched it and allowed it to run all the way to the ground for a dramatic look. Added some very simple tapered candles and I have kept my flower arrangements small. Instead do doing one large flower arrangement, try doing several small arrangements. That way when the food comes out you can push everything to the side and not lose your special touches.

Step#3 Pre-Pour your favorite Wine

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Wine Pour

If everyone at your Vineyard table would like a glass, try pre-pouring some of your favorite bottle. Today we are pouring Wente Vineyards. That way it adds a splash of color to your table and frees you up for all your last-minute Thanksgiving To-do’s.

Flowers provided by Five Fields Flower Farm