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Master-Class Chardonnay Class Conducted by Celebrity Wine Maker Eric Wente

Eric Chardonnay Class

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Eric Wente, 4th generation winegrower of Wente Vineyards Family Estates, delivered a Chardonnay Master Class at H&H, a new wine shop with a classroom facility, to open in Ponton within a week or two.

Wente, represented on the island by Arion Wine Company delivered a unique wine tasting, pitching the company's four quality Chardonnays against each other.

Personally guided through the tasting with detailed notes, invited guests sipped Wente Vineyards Eric’s Chardonnay, and Morning Fog Chardonnay, both from the Livermore Valley, Riva Ranch Chardonnay, Arroyo Seco Monterey, and The Nth Degree Chardonnay, Livermore Valley, all wines made from grapes grown on the 3,000 acres of sustainably farmed estate vineyards, in California, just east of San Francisco in the historic Livermore Valley and Monterey.

Guests also viewed a video presentation by fifth generation Winegrower and Chief Winemaker, Karl D. Wente, who is responsible for all winemaking at Wente Vineyards, also working with his siblings, Christine, Jordan and Niki Wente, who handle other aspects of the operation.

Eric has visited Aruba for the past 16 years, hosting charity golf tournaments and conducting wine seminars, peppering his narrative with interesting historical anecdotes, and important information about the wine, leading the tasting in a casual, fun and most original personal style.

California’s oldest, continuously operated, family-owned winery, Wente Vineyards marks its 135th anniversary, blending traditional and innovative winemaking practices.