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The Wedding Cake Timeline Every Engaged Couple With a Sweet Tooth Needs

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An excerpt from Wedding Wire, published April 1, 2019

Written by: Jenn Sinrich

On the laundry list of to-dos lined up in preparation for your big day, one that you might be looking forward to the most is selecting and ordering your wedding cake. And rightfully so—this is one of the more fun and relaxing (not to mention delicious!) parts of planning your big day. Depending in how much time you have to plan, you might be wondering about a wedding cake timeline—when you’ll need to select the design and flavors for this special and symbolic dessert.

Of course, every baker, and bakery, has their own way of doing things, so we reached out to several pros to establish the most ideal wedding cake timeline.

4 to 6 months before your wedding: Schedule and complete your wedding cake tasting.

If the couple’s on board with the design details and proposal, a cake tasting appointment is scheduled—this serves as your time to fully plan your cake on the wedding cake timeline. This is also the time to discuss overall design, including flowers and flower placement, how the cake will be displayed as well as what time and if you’ll have a cake topper, explains Anthony Cuellar, pastry chef at Wente Vineyards, in Livermore, California. “You should keep in mind the season of your wedding and be understanding of fresh fruit availability and flavor restrictions, making sure that the dessert complements the dinner that everyone has just enjoyed before dessert,” he says. “As an extra word of advice, keep your cake tasting group to a minimum or at least the people you trust when it comes to having similar tastes in terms of flavors and design, as too many times have I seen a stressed-out wedding couple because the family is arguing over what type of cake or dessert should be served on their big day.”

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