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5 Ways to Make Time for Reading & Connecting

Being a homebody has its perks. With a little more time at home, why not start a new book-- with a glass of wine in-hand, of course! Books can be a great source of entertainment, relaxation, and even connection. Here are five ways to make time for reading and connection in your daily life.

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Read more than one book at a time

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While some people prefer to read one book at a time, others may enjoy working on several books at the same time. You may find certain books more suitable for the evening or before bed while others are perfect first thing in the morning.

Do many subjects pique your interest? Choose two or three books. Dedicate a set time each day, to each book. It’s like watching one episode each, of your three favorite shows rather than binge watching the entire season.

Ignore what you “should” be reading

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What interests you? Reading can be for your own education and entertainment. You will draw the most joy and satisfaction from consumption of books that truly interest you. Sure, you might find inspiration in perusing a list of “best” books or best sellers but pick the titles that interest you most.

Don’t be afraid to switch titles if you are losing interest a few pages or chapters in. There are no rules. Just because you started the book does not mean you have to finish it. Just because your friend said this is the best book, they have ever read doesn’t mean you have to read it. You will not get extra points for reading a book you do not enjoy. Put it back on the shelf, return it from where you borrowed it, or donate it and start a new book!

Connect Virtually

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When we can’t all be in the same place, technology has our back. Get a group of friends together and start a virtual book club. The club can meet as often as every week or just once a month—depending on how deep you want to dive into the novel. You can make it what you like! Not only will this make reading more enjoyable, but it’s a way to make time to connect with friends.

Social media also connects us in many ways. If you don’t have a group that wants to commit to a book club, you can always find someone reading your book on social media! Try searching the name of your book on Instagram and you can almost always find hashtags related to the book. You can also tap into other book clubs that are more public, like Oprah or Resse’s book clubs. Engage in the conversation that is already taking place. You might even make a new friend!

Listen instead of Reading

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Audio books are another great way to unwind. When the author is also the reader, the audio book can be a great way to feel connected. Often audio books are read by voice over talents with incredible voices that make the book come to life. And most importantly, the audio version allows you to relax, unwind, and close your eyes. Using just your sense of hearing and imagination, who knows where this experience can take you.

Make it Sensational!

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You have five senses, so use them! Put on some soothing music. The volume should be high enough to hear but low enough that it is not distracting. Light your favorite scented candle or put a pie in the oven. Snuggle up with your favorite pillow and softest blanket. Pop the cork on your favorite bottle of wine. Make sure your glass is full and close by!

Books are transformative and a great way to escape without ever leaving your home.