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Dogs Of Wente

We decided to take control from the humans and tell you about our favorite wines and how they are helping us during this RUFF time. Having our owners home is fun, but a little overwhelming. They have no respect for personal space! We are getting pretty tired of hearing "what a BIG stretch!" and being squeezed every time we walk past their office. It's a RUFF life these days, that's for sure.

One thing we've noticed is that our owners seem to really love Wente wines so us dogs decided to show you what OUR favorite Wente wines are. Humans can't have all the fun!

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My wine of choice is Niki's Rosé because it's fun and girly like me, but mostly because it has my mom's name on the label! I love running through the vineyards with her and helping her make this wine.


My wine of choice is Wetmore Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon because I like the finer things in life and this single vineyard expression of Livermore Cabernet pairs wonderfully with my treats!

Img 7174
Img 7080


My wine of choice is Riva Ranch Vineyard Chardonnay. I was hesitant to share the news, but I'm a certified Riva Diva and I can't hide it any longer!


My wine of choice is the Louis Mel Sauvignon Blanc because it's perfect for warm days sunbathing by my pool and it matches the color of my coat!

Img 7078
Img 7172


My wine of choice is the Riva Ranch Vineyard Pinot Noir because it's perfect for lazy snuggles on the couch and tastes like cherries. Yum!


My wine of choice is the Artist Series Serenity because the label looks like somewhere I would want to go for a long run. I've also always considered myself an art connoisseur.

Big Rusty  Serenity
Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron

My wine of choice is the Limited Release Sparkling Brut. I try and maintain a reputation of being a tough guy, but I can't help that I love ending my days with a glass of bubbly.


My wine of choice is the Nth Degree Merlot because I'm 8 years old and deserve to drink the nicest items in my cellar!


We hope this gave you a chuckle! Of course, our dogs do not consume wine, nor were they bothered in taking these photos.