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Fun Ways to Virtually Connect with Family & Friends

Game Night

Technology can feel like distraction at times – sending us down a rabbit hole of endless scrolling as our screen time goes up and human connection goes down. Now, with social distancing and staying at home bringing about a new challenge in today’s landscape, we ask ourselves: how do we stay connected to our friends and family?

It’s human nature to rely on connecting with others on a daily basis – whether it be through coworkers, friends, or family members. When we can’t connect face to face, technology enables us to feel close to our loved ones while still practicing social distancing. If you need a little inspiration of how to go beyond FaceTime or phone calls, here are some fun ways to stay connected while staying at home:

Organize A Game Night

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Game Nights are the perfect way to feel connected and often result in lots of laughter and bring out peoples’ competitive sides. You can use platforms such as Zoom or Google Hangouts (both are free) to video chat with your crew and let the games begin!


Trivia Night

One person acts as the “Host” for the night, developing the categories and questions. Example categories can be: General Knowledge, Music – have people guess the song title and artist based off of sounds bites – or Science! Develop 10 questions to ask per category. Ask away and whoever gets the most questions right at the end of the game wins!

Game Pack

Buy a Game Pack

If coming up with your own trivia questions is a little bit challenging, consider buying a party pack of premade games! There are tons available online, most of which are offering deals right now, that come at low prices. One person can purchase the set, split the cost among your group and you’ll have 3-5 games to play. Some great options for party packs to purchase are:

Jackbox Games


Start an Online Video Streaming “Book” Club

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Similarly to a book club, a video streaming club is a way to share your favorite movies and tv shows with others. This is an easy and fun way to give recommendations and discover your new favorite show or movie. You can do this by:

Streaming Wine

• Creating a shareable spreadsheet document – such as a Google Sheet

• Create column headers – including the show or movie title, the genre, streaming platform(s) it is available on (Hulu, Netflix, Prime, etc.) and any reviews the movie has

• Add any and all suggestions you have! You might just find your new favorite show or movie while having something new to talk about with family and friends!

Example of a movie club spreadsheet:

Movie Club Spreadsheet

No Game Night or Movie Night would be complete without some delicious snacks and a bottle of wine. We recommend pairing Riva Ranch Vineyard Chardonnay with some popcorn and Quiplash 2 from The Jackbox Party Pack 3!

Now more than ever it is incredibly important to #MakeTime to virtually connect with those you love and we hope these ideas will help inspire you to make new memories, share laughter and spark creativity.