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How You Can Make A Difference In Your Local Community

Now is the time to show the strength of a village

It takes a village… to take care of your village! More than ever, our communities need us to come together and show our strength. While our own personal and family priorities have shifted and been impacted on different levels, if you can reach out to show your community support, it can have a lasting impact. Here are a couple tips on how you can make a difference:

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Local Businesses

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Do you have a favorite barber, hair-stylist, manicurist, fitness instructor? Many of these smaller service based businesses have temporarily had to shut their doors to bringing in new business. Help keep them afloat by purchasing a gift card for your 'normal' service. This way, you are helping the business owner immediately, and giving them the ability to provide you the service at a later date!

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The restaurant/hospitality industry is also in need of your help. Many local restaurants have adapted their menus to be 'pick-up' friendly and are offering great rates on takeout services. Check some of your favorite local restaurant and/or bar web/social media pages. Typically, they will have all the details you need to know on what menu and services they are offering. Make your nights at home fun by bringing in your favorite restaurant food!

Remember that service and hospitality businesses usually depend on tips, and not just their price of services. Don't forget to tip when you order takeout! If you are fortunate enough to be able to tip a little extra, that helps too.

Reach out

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Shopping for groceries and personal items may be harder for some of your community members. Reaching out to see how you can help could make the biggest impact. Senior community members may benefit from help with shopping for their weekly groceries. Working parents with kids at home, may greatly appreciate a home cooked meal or games to keep their kids busy. We all know someone around us who might need a (virtual) outreached hand to help.

Shop Local

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Shop Local

In many stores, there are signs and notes about local products. If you want to help the people closest to you, now is the time to make a conscious effort to support local businesses. Supporting the local brands you love in-store or online, will help keep those businesses going, giving them an outlet for new orders to fulfill.

While these are a few tips on how to directly impact your local community, they are certainly not the only way. There are many organizations big and small that are coming together to help those in need. Take this opportunity to be more connected with your community and neighbors. Support those closest to you.