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#MakeTime at Home for Meaningful Virtual Gathering

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We are all craving connection. But truly meaningful connection is found when there is a deeper purpose and intention around a gathering. This doesn’t need to mean something serious, but it does mean the more intentional you are with setting and communicating a purpose, the more meaningful it will be for your community. Here are some ideas on how to creative a meaningful virtual gathering:

Recreate the energy of being physically in a room together:

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  • Give your gathering a name - such as ‘The Worn-out Moms Hootenanny’ or ‘Dance Until you Drop Disco’. According to Priya Parker, renown author of The Art of Gathering, “the name is an act of social priming to get people into physical and psychological space.”
  • Bring and show a physical object on the screen – share where you got your coffee mug from. There’s always a story behind these.
  • Create a particular intention for the night and ask the same question of the group – “how is this night different from any other night?” This can help make it not feel like the days are blending together. Ask each other new questions each evening that normal times may not be your focus.
  • Tell a Story – if you are bringing people together around a shared purpose and not everyone knows everyone in the group - such as having a virtual birthday party celebration - bring a glass of wine, a hat or a wig, and have each person share a story that relates to the birthday person to give context of the person and your relationship with them.

Let’s #MakeTime to create meaningful connections together.

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