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Our Top 5 Wine Pairings Sure to Score For The Big Game

Stacy McIntosh

As one of the biggest culture events of year, there’s a strong chance you will be attending or hosting a house party for the BIG GAME. This annual affair is always full of friends, family, food, and for most, their favorite adult beverage.

Big Game Pairings

No matter if you are diehard football fan or just someone that likes a reason to party, we can all come together around the snack table and indulge in the ultimate in game food fare. While beer is certainly going to be a main staple during the big game, showcasing some fun wine and food pairings would be just the thing to set any party apart from those of years past.

As we welcome the first BIG GAME of the decade, crack open the vino and enjoy the game with these 5 popular snacks and wine pairings from Wente Vineyards.


1. Steak sliders + Southern Hill Cabernet Sauvignon

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Southern Hills Sliders 2000X2000

Cabernet Sauvignon is generally a full-bodied wine. They tend to be higher in alcohol than other reds with a few more tannins. This leads to a wine that has fuller flavors that linger, or feature a longer finish.

On the palate, the Southern Hill Cabernet delivers ripe plum and boysenberry with subtle, yet playful tannins. This wine is perfect for pairing with something like a steak slider. Since steak has big flavor, this is a wine that can stand up to it. A hanger or skirt steak in slider form is perfect for Football Sunday alongside our award winning Cabernet Sauvignon

2. Deviled Eggs + Morning Fog Chardonnay

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Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a classic Football party snack. They are easy to make and delicious to eat. If you’re feeling a little frisky you can even shape them into little footballs on game day. Deviled eggs pair perfectly with a classic chardonnay.

Our 2018 Morning Fog Chardonnay bursts with aromatics from citrus, lemon curd, pear and toasty oak. This wine is balanced by hints of vanilla and citrus on the palate, finishing with a nice acidity making it the perfect complement to this quintessential game day snack.

3. Beef Chili + Nth Degree Merlot

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Beef Chili

A hearty meaty chili is always a fan favorite on a cold or brisk February evening. The sweet and savory flavors of a good, home cooked chili go perfectly with our Nth Degree Merlot.

With aromatics of clove and baking spices, followed by ripe red fruit such as raspberries and red currant, this wine is medium to large in body and will continue to evolve beautifully with age. Try it with a rich bowl of chili and you will be pleasantly surprised by this superb pairing.

4. Stuffed Jalapenos + Riverbank Riesling

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Stuffed Jalapeno

There is nothing quite like a stuffed jalapeño pepper. Cream cheese, real bacon bits and crisp herbs come together to create the perfect mouth-popping snack.

Similarly, there is nothing quite like a citrusy Riesling to complement spicy food. Our 2018 Riverbank Riesling is a completely dry wine with fresh aromatics of pear and honeysuckle that is balanced with a crisp acidity that just really makes this combo pop (no pun intended).

Brut Chicken Wings Bannerjpg

5. Fried Chicken Wings + Small Lot Brut

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Chicken Wings

It just wouldn't be a football game much less the GAME OF THE YEAR without wings. Fried chicken and champagne might sound like a bizarre pairing, but this combo couldn't be more perfect together.

With aromas and flavors of pear and dried apricot with hints of crème brûlée and apple, our Small Lot Brut is rich and refreshing making it the perfect pairing for the classic, and not to be missed, fried chicken wings.

And don’t forget to bring a second bottle of Brut to uncork when your team takes the championship!