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Refreshing Celery Mimosa

Leave detox for another day and put your celery to better use. This mimosa is crisp and refreshing. You will feel refreshed with each effervescent sip.


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Wente Vineyards Brut

1/4 cup Super fine Sugar

1 cup Fresh Celery juice (from 1 large celery bunch)

Celery curl (garnish)

Lemon Sorbet (optional scoop)


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  1. Whisk sugar into celery juice until dissolved.
  2. Fill flutes one-third full of Brut.
  3. Top with one-third celery juice
  4. Finish with one-third of Brut to fill glass.
  5. Garnish with a twirl of celery and scoop of lemon sorbet.

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Nectar Peach Thyme Mimosa

We have used thyme wisely, adding an aromatic herbal note to the subtly sweet Nectar flavors. This lovely, sophisticated take on the traditional mimosa is surrounded by the beautiful sparkle of Wente Brut and just in THYME for Mother's Day!

Raspberry Cream Mimosas

Raspberry Cream Mimosa

This dessert-like mimosa is perfect for the mom with a sweet tooth. Delicious raspberry cream filling surrounded by crisp bubbles is the perfect treat.

Mom Approved Wines

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Picking a great bottle of wine does not have to be difficult. We've asked our Concierges who all happen to be both moms and wine lovers what their favorite wines are.