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Wente Mothers & Their Favorite Wines

We know when it comes to gifts, moms usually insist, “I don’t need anything!” Wente is here to keep her glass full this Mother’s Day!

If you have ever called or emailed us then you have most certainly spoken with one of our AMAZING Concierge team members. It just so happens that each one of our Concierge team members are mothers and they all also happen to LOVE WINE!

We asked these Wente moms to put together their favorite wines just for you!

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Paulette's Perfect Wine List

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Before shelter in place Paulette would always bring in treats to share with the entire team! She is a mother of two, she always forgets to grab her coffee off of the Keurig, and she KNOWS HER WINE!

Marv's Marvelous Cellar

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Marv is a mother of two who knows all the good local bands and where to find the best live music. She loves to cruise the open road and has exquisite taste. Only the good stuff for Marv.

Jen's JEN-erous Wine List

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Jen's eyes will light up if you even look like you are going to mention sports! She is a mother of two and will always greet you with a warm smile. Ready to raise a glass? These wines are on Jen's list:

Diane's Delightful Wine Tasting

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Diane is the Great British Baking Show without the "British" or the "Show". She is a mother of five and can bake like nobody's business!

Judy's Jovial Juice

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Judy is a mother of one and you might catch her swinging for a hole in one! Judy is an avid golfer who takes her golf and her wine seriously.

Natalie's Necessary Wines

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Natalie is the new mom of the bunch. Now that she has traded in watching the bachelor for sleepless nights with a newborn she can share her favorite wines to WINEd down with.