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Wine Wednesday Episode 1

Aly & Niki Wente talk wine, wine pairings, family and life.

Aly and Niki are both Fifth Generation Winegrowers and daughters of Phil Wente. Aly manages the Wente Vineyards marketing and Niki manages the farming for all of the vineyards/grapes you enjoy in each bottle of wine. Aly and Niki will be teaming up to connect with the Wente community to talk about Wine (of course) and walk you through some fun food and wine pairings. They will also share what it's like to be a part of the longest continuously family-owned and operated winery in the United States, giving you a peek into their lives. Each Wednesday will have a new topic and sometimes feature special guests, including Wente family members, other Wente team members, and people in our community. MakeTime to connect with two of the women behind the Wente Vineyards brand in a fun and engaging Wednesday evening. Each session is filmed LIVE on Instagram and Facebook and then released here.

Thank you for supporting our family!

We Are In This Together

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Home is where the heart is. You are right where you need to be. We’re in this together and here to help.

As the climate around us continues to rapidly evolve the importance of making time for connection becomes even greater. In an effort to help you #MakeTime for what matters, we are making wine delivery as convenient and safe as possible. No need to leave your home, we are including shipping on all orders and offering up to 25% off all wines on our site. We wish you all comfort and strength and hope you share it with your personal community. Thank you for helping us inspire positivity through uncertain times, we will all come out of this stronger.