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Winemakers Studio Release Wines With Aly & Niki

At Wente we love our club members! Aly and Niki thought it would be fun to taste through the latest Winemaker's Studio club release for Wine Wednesday. They also wanted to share some of the unique and interesting projects we have in our Small Lot wine program. This week, they will be tasting through three exclusive wines that are only available on property or through our website.

  • Winemaker's Studio Lot 11
  • Winemaker's Studio Artisan Red
  • Winemakers's Studio Pinot Noir Clones

The Winemaker's studio collection is an outlet for our winemakers to produce exceptional and creative wines that showcase unique varietals, specific clones and crafted blends. Niki will walk through farming techniques that her team uses to produce wines for Winemaker's studio and Aly will talk through pairing ideas for at-home cooking.