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Soul Food Wine Pairing Recipe

As a little girl I remember enjoying a family style soul food delight every Sunday with my family. Whether it was a formal family dinner filled with plenty of chatter, laughter and storytelling around the table, or the soul food buffet dinner after that all day church revival, those southern style dishes still hold a special place in my heart. My Mom and Dad (Pops) are both from the deep south of Ellaville, Georgia and mastered the art of cooking with tradition, taste and perfection at an early age. Pops is still throwing it down in the kitchen at age 85. Even though growing up I was a very picky eater, Pops collard greens are still hands down one of my favorite dishes. Prior to COVID I had the opportunity to pair our amazing Winemaker Studio's Pinot Noir Clones with Pops famous collard greens. Delicious!

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Sheila Young,

Club Guest Manager

Her career in the wine industry began in 2015 as a Wine Ambassador at Murrieta’s Well and has held various roles on her journey. Sheila was instrumental in the renovation project at Murrieta’s Well. Her unparalleled spirit and high energy shines through her work. Sheila is no stranger to guest experience having set the bar high in Livermore Wine Country for executing amazing WOW experiences. Her favorite part of receiving visitors at the winery is sharing the rich family history and making the connection through wine with her guests. Sheila holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management, California Wine Appellation Specialist Certification (CWAS), Association of Certified Event Planner Certification (ACEPC) and Disney Institute Leadership/Hospitality Excellence Certification. She plays an active role in the community and serves on the LVWA Events Committee.

Pops Soul Food Delight Collard Greens Recipe


4 to 5 bunches of collards greens

2 smoked ham hocks

4 cloves of garlic minced

1 tbsp crushed red pepper

1 tbsp white sugar

1/3 cup vinegar

1 onion chopped

2 celery stalks chopped

1 small green pepper chopped

1-1/2 quarts low sodium chicken broth

1-1/2 tsp salt or to taste

1 tsp black pepper or to taste

1 tbsp olive oil

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Place ham hocks in pot, add chicken broth, crushed red pepper, and garlic bring to a boil. Reduce heat simmer until ham hocks are tender, then remove ham hocks from pot. Chop meat in bite size pieces and return to pot, then add all other ingredients and cook until tender.

Serving Size: 4
Total Time: 2 hours
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