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  1. All things Merlot & Chocolate

    All things Merlot & Chocolate

    This week, Niki will be sharing one of her favorite effortless desserts, while both sisters discuss all things Merlot.

    Wine Wednesday
  2. Aly & Niki Uncle Yu's Pairing

    Aly & Niki Uncle Yu's Pairing

    This week, Aly and Niki will be walking you through an in-home wine pairing meal. The meal will be ordered from a local restaurant Uncle Yu's, as we still aim to support local businesses through these unprecedented times.

    Wine Wednesday
  3. Wine Wednesday Episode 1

    Wine Wednesday Episode 1

    Aly & Niki Wente talk wine, wine pairings, and general topics. Niki is a Fifth Generation Winegrower and Viticulture Manager - farming the grapes that you enjoy in every bottle of Wente Vineyards wine. Aly is a Fifth Generation Winegrower and Wente Vineyards Brand Manager. Learn more about Niki and the women behind the brand you know and love. Live on Instagram and Facebook and then released here.

    Wine Wednesday