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  1. Wine Wednesday Thanksgiving Special

    Wine Wednesday Thanksgiving Special

    Bake along with Aly, Niki, and their mom, Julie, as they make their cherished family apple pie recipe to celebrate and give thanks to family and loved ones.

    Wine Wednesday
  2. Harvest Update with Aly & Niki

    Harvest Update with Aly & Niki

    Aly and Niki share a harvest update live from the vineyards. They host a side by side comparative tasting of Wetmore Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and Southern Hills Cabernet Sauvignon while celebrating the newest accolades both wines have received.

    Wine Wednesday
  3. Harvest Begins

    Harvest Begins

    Aly and Niki Wente meet you in the cellar for this month's Wine Wednesday. Harvest has begun with the Pinot Noir and Syrah varietals. They answer customer questions regarding harvest such as the affect of California fires and heat waves while also sharing the complexities of the bold, delicious Nth Degree all in the atmosphere of singing barrels.

    Wine Wednesday
  4. Wine Wednesday Is Back

    Wine Wednesday Is Back

    Aly and Niki Wente, are back for Wine Wednesday. The winegrowers will taste through the Wente 'Classics,' Morning Fog Chardonnay, Riva Ranch Vineyard Chardonnay, and Southern Hills Cabernet Sauvignon. Aly and Niki will share anecdotes about the wines, provide pairing suggestions for each, and will tell you about Wente's first every monthly wine subscription, Wente+.

    Wine Wednesday
  5. Cabernet Blending With Elizabeth Kester

    Cabernet Blending With Elizabeth Kester

    Enjoy a special Wine Wednesday with Niki Wente, 5th Generation Winegrower, and Elizabeth Kester, one of our esteemed Winemakers at Wente Vineyards! Niki and Elizabeth will take viewers through an intimate Cabernet blending class.

    Wine Wednesday
  6. Wine & Cheese Pairings

    Wine & Cheese Pairings

    Aly & Niki Wente, 5th Generation Winegrowers, share a lesson on wine and cheese pairings. In this episode, Aly and Niki will walk you through the basics in wine and cheese pairings, focusing on three popular varietals: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Wine Wednesday
  7. Red White & Brut! With Aly & Niki

    Red White & Brut! With Aly & Niki

    Aly and Niki Wente are kicking off the 4th of July weekend with Red, White and Brut! Join Aly and Niki as they taste through Wetmore Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, Eric's Chardonnay, and our Sparkling Brut, and share wine pairing recipes to inspire your Fourth of July BBQ.

    Wine Wednesday
  8. A Walk In The Vineyards

    A Walk In The Vineyards

    Aly & Niki are going to take you for a walk in the vineyard to share an update on the 2020 growing season. Join us for this first-ever experience and learn more about the stages of vineyard development.

    Wine Wednesday


    Summer is officially here and Aly wanted to share some of her poolside favorites with you. She loves making spritzers for warm days when company is over because it's a fun twist on wines she loves and often a surprise and delight! Her tip? Keep it simple.

    Wine Wednesday