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Livermore Valley Gift Set

Wente Vinveyards has made seasonal shopping easy for you! Become a gift-giving aficionado with your co-workers, significant other, in-laws, and/or family by sending them a Wente Vineyards Livermore Valley Gift with 750 ml bottles. Not only is this bundle under $50, but it is also cheerfully sent with flat rate shipping for $10. Livermore Valley wine gifts are considerate and personal gifts that make a lasting impression.

Satisfy the palate of both the white wine and the red wine lover on your list with our Livermore Valley wine gifts.

The 2018 Eric's Chardonnay offers muted and blended Meyer lemon and Key Lime pie auras with just a touch of acidity. Better yet, this white wine is impressive with its surreptitious low sugar and light calorie tenets.

The 2019 Charles Wetmore Cabernet is great for the red wine lover who enjoys a drier wine. A full-bodied wine in which undertones of violet and chocolate are blended with innate dusty tannins highlighted by blackberry.

We have also designed other decadent wine bundles, mini wine bottles, and wine gift sets. Build your own wine gift basket that will not only make your seasonal shopping easy and affordable but will also leave an indelible smile on your gift recipient's face and a memory in their heart.

Wines in this gift pack