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What Will You Celebrate?

This year, the world has been changing all round us, and many life-changing moments have been canceled or postponed. At Wente, we are asking you to join us and #MakeTime to celebrate life’s milestones, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, and friendships like they deserve. One thing we know, is that while we all adapt to this ‘new normal’ life has continued on. When we #MakeTime to recognize even the smallest moments, our lives become filled with more joy. Because at the end of the day, life is really about people, the moments we share, and the memories we walk away with.

So Join us in celebrating life and the moments that should NOT be postponed or canceled. We invite you to our #ToastChallenge, to give people a second chance to capture the magic of all the wonderful speeches that didn’t get to be. Grab a glass of Wente Vineyards wine and share your #ToastChallenge and celebrate life, like it was meant to be. #MakeTime

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#Maketime and Toast With Family & Friends

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