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featuring Niki Wente

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Learn about Niki’s passion for her families vineyards and how she continues their legacy today.

Owning your own vineyards that you use in your own winery is a really great way to approach quality from the ground up. We are able to make multiple passes through the vineyard and really take a small lot approach to how we’re growing our grapes to make really high-quality wines.

I think the 5th generation has done a great job of incorporating technology into the vineyards and the winemaking process. But there’s nothing that can replace actually physically being there in the vineyards, looking at the vines and making sure the quality is there visually.

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During harvest, I’ll be out with my team sampling the vineyards to get the sugar level and the acid levels in the grapes and once we see those come to fruition where it’s time to pick, the winemaking team and I will go out into the vineyard and start trying berries together … and making the decision as a group effort, so we are all on the same page and we’re handing them exactly what they want from the vineyards

We are officially a certified California sustainable winegrowing organization, which means that we are sustainable through and through and you’ll be seeing that on our future labels.

We’ve always practiced sustainability in the vineyards but some new things that we’ve been trying out is falconry in the vineyards during harvest season, so that we can sustainably scare away birds that are eating our crop. And, we are doing a lot with water management, so we are trying to sustainably manage the amount of water we are using in the vineyard to conserve our natural resources.

We are really proud of this sustainability certification because less than 2% of wineries in California have achieved that.

I’ve learned that the Wente heritage clone has so many unique and diverse flavors and selecting the ones that really mean something to our family heritage was taught to me by my father himself out there in the vineyard. … I basically call him every single day asking a question. It’s not just one thing I’ve learned from him, it’s learning every day.

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