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#Maketime For Summer

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What Are Your Summer Firsts?

As we learn and adapt to the “New Normal,” we quickly realize that even the smallest moments of rediscovery hold meaning and purpose. That’s why it’s so important to #MakeTime. This year, the world has been changing all around us, but the need for connection has stayed the same. We encourage you to take time into your hands and choose who and what you spend it with. Because at the end of the day, life is really about people, the moments we share, and the memories we walk away with.

At Wente, we are truly inspired and motivated to bring people together. We believe that stories and moments spent over a glass of wine, bring happiness into your life. This summer, as you #MakeTime for new activities and people, know that wherever, whenever Wente is here to celebrate those special moments with you. Please share your journey with us. #SummerOfFirsts #MakeTime

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#Maketime For Family & Friends

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#MakeTime for what matters most and and have a little fun! Ready to play a game of #MakeTime Bingo?

Have fun with this playful way to connect with the people who matter most in your life. Whether they are with you physically or you're connecting virtually, raise a glass and play some Bingo! Download The Bingo Board


#Maketime for Family Trivia. One person acts as the “Host” for the night, developing the categories and questions. Example categories can be: General Knowledge, Music – have people guess the song title and artist based off of sounds bites – or Science! Develop 10 questions to ask per category. Ask away and whoever gets the most questions right at the end of the game wins! Read More