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Arroyo Seco Rosé

by Niki Wente

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Meet Niki's Rosé

Bring the coast of Monterey with a bottle or two of Niki's Pinot Noir Rosé at your next pool party or summer soirée. Niki’s Rosé has a soft palate, finishing with acidity that is as bright and lively as Niki herself. A must have companion for summer charcuterie boards, appetizer pairings and...

  • drink menu inspiration
  • coastal barbecues
  • lakeside cabin dinners
  • bridal events

Our most beloved small lot wine at the Wente Vineyards Tasting Lounge. Niki's Rosé is sourced from our estate vineyards located in the northwestern corner of Arroyo Seco. The coastal climate and mountains keep temperatures moderate to grow pinot noir grapes, fermented in stainless steels tanks, and aged for two months.

Rosé Delivered To Your Door

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Shop our vintages of Niki's Pinot Noir Rosé: 2020 and 2019 (left to right).

A note from the winemaker

There is no better feeling than showing up at my parent’s house for dinner, usually unannounced, with a bottle of wine to share. Wine brings people together. It allows us to share stories, connect and make memories. I enjoy rosé because it is a great ‘anytime’ wine, whether I’m out in California's wine country with friends or enjoying brunch with family. Did I mention this is a great wine with brunch?

I love the Pinot Noir grape for its elegant flavor profiles and it’s clonal diversity in the vineyard. Rosé of Pinot Noir is a wonderful way to express the elegant flavors in a leaner style. I partnered with my cousin, Karl, to craft this wine because of my love for this varietal. This rosé represents the purity of fruit and a clean acidity, which highlights our quality farming and the cool climate of the Arroyo Seco, Monterey appellation.

My family has a passion for stewardship of our land. I absolutely love being able to continue this legacy and maintaining quality in our vineyards. Sustainability in the vineyard has always been our practice and we wouldn’t still be here after 136 years otherwise. Being able to farm the land I love and make a beautiful wine from the grapes is such a meaningful experience and I’m so excited to share this wine with you, your friends and family!

Wine Tasting with Niki Wente

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