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Artist Series 2020-2021

The Wente Vineyards Small Lot Artist Series collection features art from a local San Francisco Bay Area artist each year. The artist has the ability to develop new pieces and/or apply a current piece to four of our Artist Series blends: GSM, Serenity, Sonata and Duetto.

Janeen Heath

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Janeen Heath is a lifelong Northern California resident and currently lives in Danville, California with her husband and best friend of 44 years, Tomm and three rescue dogs.

She was introduced to art and music at an early age by her father, Guido Ferraro, who was an accomplished oil painter and guitar player. Unfortunately, he passed when Janeen was only 10 years old but the gift he left her was a passion for art and music.

During her teens and twenties she attended concerts at popular venues in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Janeen’s art was heavily influenced by the psychedelic poster and album art created by Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley for bands such as the Grateful Dead. She would use wood planks as her canvas
and she carved and painted intricate designs influenced by the artistry on the album covers.

Over the years the demands and dedication needed for raising a family and running a business didn’t allow much time for her artwork. It wasn’t until after her Mother passed away 5 years ago that she realized now was the time to pursue her passion.

Most of her paintings might be labeled “abstract” and are created without a preconceived idea of the outcome. Janeen somewhat rejects being labeled as a specific type of artist. She relates more to the description of “experimental artist” as she loves to search and discover diverse mediums and textures to use in her paintings. She also describes herself as having a split personality as her love of the freedom of letting paint and mediums flow from her mind in a meditative state is shared with the love of fine details. One can clearly see the perseverance shown in some of her very detailed paintings and works.

She is not limited to painting; she sculpts in clay and enjoys pyrography, as seen on this year’s wine barrel. Her burned and painted barrel is on display in our Tasting Room for this year’s “Painted Barrel Wine Trail” event.

Whether she is cooking or creating art, her method and motto is “no recipes, no rules and plenty of loud music!”

The artwork Janeen has created for the Wente Vineyards Artist Series labels shows how art, music and wine are intertwined. She explains, “The grapes are the instruments and the wine is the music”. She relates the finely detailed labels she created for Wente with the notion that they represent the influence of the album
cover art she loved: Her art life comes full circle.

When she is not painting her other passions include vegan cooking, promoting animal welfare, listening to music, camping in Lake Tahoe, skeet shooting and hiking with her husband and their three rescue dogs.

Janeen is a member of the Alamo Danville Artist Society and the Lamorinda Art Alliance. Her artworks are on display at Blackhawk Gallery as well as in the homes and businesses of many art lovers.

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