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Meet Fiammy Dizon

Behind the Canvas

2020 Artist Series Artist Bio

Fiammy Dizon is an Abstract Fluid Artist born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She currently lives and works in Daly City as an Artist and Eighth Grade English Teacher. Creating beauty is how she finds the balance between calm and chaos – it is how she makes sense of this wonderful, reckless world. Fiammy works primarily with alcohol ink and refers to her creative process as a conversation between her and the inks. She enjoys slipping into her flow state as she controls each flow and movement and works through the problem-solving nature of editing compositions. She is attracted to abstract art because it can be interpreted in myriad ways, each unique to the viewer’s perspective.

She hopes viewers can relate to the various emotions laid deep within her alcohol ink paintings, and write their own stories within the hard lines, flowing layers, and soft pillowy fades. The abstract shapes and bold color schemes reflect her awe of the natural world and the diversity, resilience, and joy that young minds reveal to her every day. With each piece, she aims to echo her firm belief that everyone and everything has immense beauty and power; an important lesson she lives by as an emerging female artist.

What inspired you for this Artist Series collection/what has been your favorite part of creating it?

I titled my four-piece Artist Series “The Art of Making Wine.” It is inspired by the five generations that have built Wente Vineyards into something truly spectacular. My goal was to pay respect to the fact that winemaking is an art, and one that requires many different “artists” to work in succession to create a beautiful, finished product. Art and wine are both sensory experiences. Wines, however, may appear the same visually. It is only after you taste that colors and textures emerge, and that’s the moment you recognize you are drinking something special. One single glass embodies many different snapshots of the process, so I aimed to group them into four categories: the land, the vine, the barrel, and the finish.


This concept prompted me to take a deep look into winemaking and the colors that emerge from its various stages. I have enjoyed interpreting my concept through abstract compositions and watching the series grow as I expanded my knowledge of winemaking, gaining more and more appreciation for the many people involved in the process. When conceptualizing the first painting, I was thinking about the importance of cultivating, protecting, and maintaining the land, which is often overlooked when we enjoy a bottle of wine. I appreciate Wente Vineyard’s focus on sustainability, and also want to recognize the fact that many of our California vineyards are threatened by drought and fire more and more each year. My first painting, “Cultivate”, reflects the critical intersection between land and water, with the feeling of water flowing through soil. I hope to evoke a sense of reverence for this wonderful yet ever so delicate part of winemaking. This was the launching point for the next three paintings, the second, titled “Verasion”; the ripening of the grapes from green to purple. The third titled, “Elevage”; the process of nurturing the wine from fermentation to barrel to bottling. In “Verasion” I took a more literal approach, while in “Elevage” used color and flow to represent the experience of change in the barrel. The fourth painting will encompass all the colors of “The Art of Winemaking ” and depict the finished product being enjoyed over a view of the beautiful landscape that began the process, a full circle of gratitude for the land and those who cultivate it.

“I am so honored to have this opportunity to create wine label paintings, and throughout I have grown as an artist. I am especially happy that the proceeds of my paintings will go towards providing students with greater access to arts education, something very near and dear to my heart.”

-Fiammy Dizon 

Learn more about the artist and her work by visiting her website below.

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