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At Home With Alicia Lund

California Lifestyle Blogger

We recently visited with Alicia Lund – lifestyle blogger, mom to two adorable kids, and co-founder of Wrel Living – to get a sneak peak into her home life and how she balances motherhood with business. Her blog is a source of style and interior design inspiration as well as where she shares her thoughts as a working mom, building a community, and fun tips on hosting fabulous dinner parties. Read more about her tips for hosting, ideal Mother’s Day, and advice for moms trying to balance it all below.

What is your favorite part of your home?

I love our open kitchen and the flow from our dining area into our bar area. Everyone always seems to hang around the island in our kitchen –– whether it’s my kids eating cheerios at the island in the morning or when friends are over and I’m cooking. It feels really inviting to pull up a stool and hang with a glass of wine!


What is your greatest piece of advice that you have given or received related to interior design or hosting?

I’m love music –– so when hosting, music is always a must to set an inviting mood.


If you’re hosting a dinner party, what are the three essentials you must always have?

A playlist! Plenty of wine… and candles to set the vibe.


What is your go-to weeknight dinner to make at home? 

Salmon with grilled veggies or a salad


How do you de-stress after a hard or busy day?

A walk in our neighborhood or tucking into bed early with my book. I look forward to that moment every day!

Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions with your kids or your own mom?

I love to spend Mother’s Day with my mom and sister. This year we are going to brunch in the Bay and I plan to spend the day with them which is such a treat for me to get a day away with them (sans kids).


What is your ideal way to celebrate Mother’s Day?

A day date with my mom and sister. Maybe a museum, shopping, walking around San Francisco, and a great meal. Home for dinner with my family and kids!


How do you balance being a mom and running your brand?

As most working moms it’s hard to find a balance but I try to keep my schedule pretty blocked — designated work time and designated mom time so I can be completely present with them.


Do you have any advice for new moms or moms looking to achieve a better work/life balance?

Definitely finding the right kind of help that will work for you,  your schedule, and your family. Now that Willow is in school 3 days a week I have that time for work projects and it’s made all of the difference. I like to be fully present when I’m with Rex and Willow… it’s always a juggle but having time for myself again has been so good for me.

Learn more about Alicia Lund by visiting her website below.

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