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Small Lot Club

Small Lot Club

Wine Club Benefits


  • Four bottles per shipment & option to customize release with Small Lot, Winemakers Selection or nth Degree wines. It is required that the release order is equal to or greater than the standard release order. Releases are February, May, August, and November. Average Subtotal $200
  • Complimentary wine tastings for member and three guests at the Wente Vineyards Tasting Lounge
  • 15% off Small Lot, Artist Series & nth DEGREE bottles on property and online
  • 20% off Estate Grown & Single Vineyard bottles on property and online
  • Early Access and up to 15% off Wente Vineyards Events & Experiences

One Year Minimum Commitment


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of being a wine club member?

  • Special Pricing: Save 15% on all bottle and event purchases. Savings vary by club.
  • Complimentary Tastings: Experience complimentary tasting for the member and three guests.
  • Reduced Shipping: Enjoy reduced shipping charges. Rate varies by club.
  • Exclusive Member Parties: Invitations to member-only release parties and special events at our winery throughout the year.

Do you require reservations for tastings, and what is the cost?

Advance reservations are highly recommended; walk-ins are welcome and subject to availability. In addition, club members receive complimentary wine tastings for the member and three guests.

Can I skip a club shipment?

Each wine club has four releases per year. You can skip one shipment per year and still keep your benefits. If you need to skip more than one, we will put your benefits on hold until your next club shipment is processed.

Can I customize my wine club order?

Yes! Your shipment will come with four new release wines, and you may swap them out from our provided customization list. It is required that the release order is equal to or greater than the standard order value.

How do I customize my next release online?

Log into your account in the upper right-hand corner to learn more

How many shipments will I receive per year?

You will receive four shipments per calendar year. Wine releases are February, May, August, and November.

When is my next shipment, and what’s in it?

Small Lot 2023 Schedule
February (2) 2020 Duetto | (1) Meritage | (1) Niki’s Rosé May (1) 2022 Eric’s Chardonnay | (1) 2021 Aly’s Pinot Noir | (2) 2021 GSM
August (1) 2021 Zinfandel | (1) 2022 Sauvignon Blanc | (2) 2021 Serenity
November (1) 2021 Cabernet Franc | (1) Sparkling Brut | (2) 2021 Sonata

nth DEGREE 2023 Schedule
February (6) 2020 nth DEGREE Merlot
May (6) 2021 nth DEGREE Pinot Noir | (1) 2021 nth DEGREE Chardonnay
August (6) 2021 nth DEGREE Syrah
November (6) 2020 nth DEGREE Cabernet Sauvignon

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