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Artist Series

The Wente Vineyards Small Lot Artist Series collection features art from a local San Francisco Bay Area artist each year. The artist has the ability to develop new pieces and/or apply a current piece to four of our Artist Series blends: GSM, Serenity, Sonata and Duetto.

Joel Tesch

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Joel Tesch

A native of Raleigh, NC, Joel Tesch grew up with an artistic bent from an early age. After living in several different locations (Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Atlanta, San Francisco and London), he has settled for the last several years in the East Bay with his wife Leela and 3 daughters (Carly, 8 and identical twins Valerie & Isla, 6) and established his studio and art business, Joel Tesch Studio. Joel has exhibited all over California and throughout the Southeast US. His work has been sold to collectors all over the world (including UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and more!)

Joel’s “Symphony of Trees” and "Spellbinders & Dreamcatchers" series bring to life a vibrant world bursting with colors, movement and hope emerging from a dramatic perspective. Contrast plays a big part in all his work: contrast in colors, order along with chaos, geographic shapes alongside fluid, abstract motion. His “Portals/Perceptions/Visions” series takes the overall theme of contrast and presents it through a surrealistic style. His “Landscapes” and “Urban” series convey nature and city life respectively via a modern, contemporary approach. And his “Abstractions” series provides an abstract visual to contrast, bold colors and themes. And a personal favorite for both Joel and his customers are his custom portraits (of friends and family and popular figures & icons!)

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