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The 140th Harvest at Wente Vineyards So Far

The harvest season at Wente Vineyards is always a thrilling spectacle, a delicate dance with Mother Nature where every move is unpredictable. This year marks our 140th harvest season, a testament to the invaluable wealth of experience and expertise accumulated over generations.

Each growing season is unique, and 2023 is shaping up to be extraordinary. Winter graced us with nearly 30 inches of rain, a bountiful gift that revitalized our soil and rejuvenated our rivers and water sources. The cool and mild Spring ushered in a seamless flowering process, laying the groundwork for what promised to be a fruitful growing season. Summer followed with its warm embrace, nurturing excellent fruit and flavor development. Despite a few sporadic heat waves, our resilient vines weathered the challenges with grace.

A defining characteristic of the 2023 grape harvest is its extended growing season. The persistent cool weather led to a delay in the typical harvest timing. Yet, the patience and expertise of our dedicated vineyard team prevailed. The warmth that graced us in the first weekend of October was a game-changer, coaxing the grapes into full ripeness and heralding the commencement of a bustling harvest period. 

In the winery, the initial harvests have yielded promising results. We’ve harvested all our Sauvignon Blanc, about half of our Chardonnay, and half of our Pinot Noir. The quantities exceeded our initial estimates, a testament to the generosity of Mother Nature. The aromas and flavors from the grapes already harvested foreshadow the creation of exquisite wines, making the wait exceptionally rewarding. 

Our Head of Winemaking, Elizabeth Kester, shares her enthusiasm: “The grapes we’ve brought into the winery exude fantastic aromas and flavors, and those still on the vine ripen beautifully day by day. We eagerly anticipate a few more sunny, warm days to ensure everything attains its perfect balance.” 

The unfolding harvest season promises more delights. It’s a picturesque time to explore wine country as the leaves transform into a vibrant tapestry of colors. Our new releases are now available at the Tasting Lounge, inviting you to join us in celebrating an abundant harvest season. Stay tuned for further updates as the remainder of the 2023 harvest continues to unfold. We may be harvesting all the way up to Thanksgiving this year!