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Meet Lindsey Field

Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager

We are so excited to introduce Lindsey Field as part of our Women Behind Wente feature! Lindsey has been on the Wente Vineyards’ team for three years as our Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager – overseeing Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. In her role, she works closely with our distributor partners to ensure proper pricing, inventory and programs are in place to enable brand growth and create meaningful connections with our customers. Learn more about Lindsey’s role, how she makes time and her advice on work-life balance in her full interview below.

Q + A with Lindsey Field

What is your favorite part of your job?

The people I get to work with definitely make this job so special. From the amazing 4th and 5th generation Wente family members, our incredible marketing team I get to collaborate with, my distributor sales teams and amazing accounts which so many have become friends. It is really special to work with people you enjoy! It’s so unique how many wonderful contacts you gain, interesting conversations and daily inspirations that occur working in the wine world.


What energizes you about your work?

I really love to build a brand and I get energized by the creative aspects that go into the storytelling that create lasting fans of our wines. The Wente Vineyards brand is exciting to grow with its rich history, focus on sustainability and unbelievable quality. I enjoy doing wine dinners and events throughout my market and all the collaboration with each account to create the perfect food and wine experience for our guests. The fact that my job has so many layers keeps me really engaged and energized.


What is your goal for the next few years?

My goal in the next few years is to find a charity in my local community I am really passionate about, to become an active member with and do my small part in making a change for the better where I can. I truly feel good giving back and want to make sure I show my children how important it is to have compassion and care for others.


What has you most excited about the future?

I think it’s extremely exciting that the wine industry is constantly evolving. Between varietal trends, new packaging and innovation, new emerging wine regions, and the many ways to come to market – the future of wine unlimited. I enjoy a challenge and embracing change, so I will continue to ride the wave.


How can the wine industry include women leaders that are moms and balance their time?

Women should not have to choose between having a family and having a career. We deserve to have both and to be supported, especially in the early stages of motherhood to not force us to choose one over the other. Through paid family leaves, proper time off to care for family (and ourselves) and providing flexible work hours – women can be supported in the wine industry. This business is not a 9-5, so a modern approach to work hours, deadline timeframes and having clear expectations provided will allow working mothers to accomplish their tasks and continue to excel in their careers. And let’s be real, working moms are the ones who deserve that glass of wine (and need it!) most. We are the customer, so it only makes sense to have representation in all aspects of the business.


What are the ways you stay grounded and make time for yourself?

With two young boys and a busy career, making time for myself is not my strength but something I am working on more this year. I’ve always loved a journal to write down daily, weekly and monthly goals. I’m trying to be realistic this year with my goals – even if it’s as simple as take a 15 minute walk each day. Getting out in nature, sharing a laugh with family or friends, doing yoga and getting lost in a great book are all part of my self-care.


What piece of advice would you like to give your younger self?

Stop and smell the roses! Time truly flies by and life is way too short and precious to not take it all in. Be present for all the magic that happens along the way.


What is your favorite Wente Vineyards wine?

That’s like picking your favorite child! It depends on the day, but I really love our Niki’s Pinot Noir Rose.