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Make Time for the holidays

The holiday season tends to sneak up on us earlier and earlier every year. Given the supply chain delays this year, the holiday buying season seems earlier than ever! It is easy to get wrapped up in the noise.

Since 2018, Wente Vineyards has challenged our customers to #MakeTime for the things that truly matter. The initiative started to increase our personal awareness of unnecessary screen time in favor of fostering human connection. In addition, its message encouraged us to be more mindful of where we are spending our time and energy.

If the last 20 months have taught us anything, it is that we cannot take any moment for granted. This is what inspired our new #MakeTime holiday campaign.

When you open a bottle of Wente Vineyards, you will find #MAKETIME _____ on the cork. So, while you are relaxing with a glass of wine, take a minute to fill in that blank space with whatever you’re making time for this holiday season. Post your responses on social media with #MakeTime and tag @Wente.

The unique #MakeTime corks can be found in any of the following wines: Riva Ranch Chardonnay , Riva Ranch Pinot Noir , Charles Wetmore Cabernet Sauvignon, Southern Hills Cabernet Sauvignon, Sandstone Merlot, Beyer Ranch Zinfandel

To date, the Wente #MakeTime campaign has reached more than 106MM impressions across all coverage and channels, so you will be in good company with your posts every time you open one of the above special bottles.

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5 Reasons to Make Time

Whoever and whatever you make time for, we are here to make it memorable. Wine is a beverage designed to be shared. It is also one of the most mindful beverages. Not many other drinks have consumers smelling and analyzing their content more than wine. In its nature, it invites us to slow down and savor its content before drinking, which is similar to our #MakeTime initiative. There are many reasons it is vital to Make Time in the holiday season, and here are our top five.

1. Reconnecting with Friends and Loved Ones

Too often, we become disconnected from loved ones because our lives have become ridiculously busy before we have even realized it. Take the time to reconnect and see just how good it feels. Schedule a walking date or an easy weeknight dinner with friends. It does not have to be fancy or time-consuming just a meaningful moment.

2. Reconnecting in real life

We do not need to remind you of social media and screen time’s effects on our mental health. But we can remind you of the importance of turning off notifications and putting down the phone for hours out of the day. Reconnecting to hobbies outside of the screens like cooking your favorite meals and reading a good book can positively impact our mental health.

3. Making time for you

Having a sense of well-being means more in life than just feeling good. By pursuing meaningful relationships and activities, we can improve our physical and mental health, boost our happiness, and even find a purpose. So, during this holiday season, slow down, unplug, live life to its fullest, and enhance your sense of well-being.

4. A Happier Holiday Season

Holiday stress seems to have become the norm for most of us. So much of it comes from excess holiday planning, while choosing the right gift for everyone seems to run a close second. This year consider the gift of wine for those special adults who always seem to have everything and are hard to buy for. They will love it.

5. The Opportunity for a Happier New Year

You get two-fold benefits when you make time to kick back and enjoy the holidays with friends and family. You enjoy the holidays more, plus you will find yourself looking forward to a more enjoyable 2022 as well. Set the tone for the new year with a happier you.