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Meet Rebecca Schoefer

Meet Rebecca Schoefer

Graphic Designer

Rebecca has been a proud member of our team for 4 years, she helps bring Wente Vineyards to life through visual components, ranging from menus to in-store displays. She is also the brilliant artist behind the 2019 vintage of our Artist Series collection. Rebecca’s work in graphic design is a key component to storytelling for both branding and marketing efforts. Read about her journey below and perhaps become inspired to tap into your own creative mindset.


Q: Briefly describe your role at Wente Vineyards.

A: As a graphic designer for Wente Vineyards, I solve visual problems. I create the visual language for how we communicate our offerings and produce it for the relevant mode of consumption (on a screen, in your hand, on a store display, etc.). It  can be an email for an event or sale, a menu at our Tasting Lounge or Grill, an Instagram post, a wine label (like the Artist Series) or a sales tool (in-store display, brochure, presentation slide, sell sheet).

Q: What energizes you about work?

A: I’m most energized when given a problem to solve with multiple stakeholders that requires exploration: the coming together of multiple minds and perspectives, working through the creative paths to that solution, presenting options, then refining those options with feedback. When I see the result in a tangible form (on a screen, in a new process, in someone’s hand, at a store), I recognize my part in bringing that solution to life.

Q: How have you built confidence throughout your career?

A: Through being vulnerable and curious. Being willing to take risks and fail. Each insecurity shared, risk taken, or question asked, I learned about myself: what I can tolerate, where I can improve and where I can shine? If you only come from a place of certainty, it’s impossible to grow and expand your foundation.

Q: How do you unplug from work?

A: My favorite daily activities are cooking a good meal and reading before bed. Weekend fun is baking and hiking. Kayaking and camping are my favorite planned excursions.

Q: Who is a significant leadership mentor to you?

Two worth mentioning:
Brent Gallant, former Creative Director of 20 years at Wente Vineyards. He has challenged and supported my professional growth in ways I didn’t think possible. His unflinching leadership style pushes depth and boundaries while guiding the work, and the worker, to greater heights.

Nancy Mueller, former Marketing Director at Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center. Nancy was a generous and inspiring leader, always bringing out the best in others, digging trenches with us and making it fun in the process.

Q: What’s the best work-related advice you’ve ever received?

A: “Share your ugly first draft and bring people along for the ride.” – Brent Gallant
As a young, insecure creative I wanted to show perfectly polished solutions out of the gate. When you do that, you shut others out of the process and risk spending unnecessary effort. The best results are always collaborative and evolutionary. If you bring others along during the ride (not just at the beginning and end), you have greater opportunity to incorporate feedback. Everyone feels ownership in the success of something when trust is built along the way and we come to the result collectively. The solution is always better because of it.

Q: Which women inspire you the most?

A: This will sound cliché, but my two very different daughters – Sierra and Bailey – have inspired me the most. They help me to strive to be the best me I can, yet accept and acknowledge when I can’t. To show them by example that a full life includes making time to do what makes you happy (in work and play), and to do it often. They amaze and inspire me through their tenacity, strength and vulnerability. As a mother and a woman, their lives bring me such joy!

Q: What has you most excited about the future?

A: Looking at new ways of working together as a team in 2022. We’ve had some big ‘people’ changes, which bring challenges and opportunities. Rebalancing work with new internal and external partners has me excited for professional and personal growth.