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Tropical Sangria

The Sangria is a historic drink. Dating back to 200 B.C., this innovation was enjoyed by the Romans who used Red Wines from Spain. It was the Romans that began naming this “punch-like” concoction Sangria, the Latin word for “blood” because of the Red Wine base in the batch. Over a century later, this invention became popular in Europe as French Bordeaux wines were chosen as the base. Many decades later, Sangrias can be found with red and white wine being used as the base and many boast different flavor profiles and themes. We are thrilled to partner with Box on the Rocks to be their wine of choice for their July tropic sangria cocktail recipe. Box on the Rocks is a women-founded and owned cocktail kit-making subscription service. Kits include quality non-alcoholic products and new innovations that typically can’t be found in the local grocery stores. It offers countless experiences, themed around life’s many drinking occasions. For this Tropic Sangria recipe, the used our Louis Mel Sauvignon Blanc as the base. It is a lovely summertime cocktail with grapefruit, pineapple, amaretto, mango, pomegranate, and rum added. So, get into the summertime spirit, breakout your punch bowl, whip up a batch of Tropical Sangrias, and invite your friends over for a good time.


1 – 750 mL Wente® Vineyards Louis Mel Sauvignon Blanc
2 Cups Don Q® Cristal Rum
2 Cans Grapefruit Juice
1 oz. Pineapple Juice
2 – 50 mL Monin® Amaretto Syrup
1 – 50 mL Monin® Mango Syrup
1 – 50 mL Monin® Pomegranate Syrup
1 oz. ReaLime® Lime Juice


Add all ingredients above to a punch bowl with ice.
Grate cinnamon stick over punch and stir with a ladle.
Garnish with dardimans California dehydrated lime and pineapple slices.