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How to Stay Motivated at Home - tips and tricks!

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With all this time at home, it might feel hard to be inspired and motivated. We have some fun tips on how to make the most of your time while at home.

Set Goals

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Whether it's personal or professional, make time to set goals for yourself. Keeping your goals visible as a constant reminder will help you stay on track! You can post your goals to the screen of your computer or on a bulletin board in your kitchen. Keeping goals top of mind will help you achieve them.

Incentivize Yourself

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Take your goals a step further and create an incentive to stay on task. For every goal you have, put a positive 'score' or points against it. For every distraction, put negative points against it. Set a overarching point goal that will motivate you to stay focused. If you achieve your point goal, give yourself a treat. That treat could be anything, big or small, that would give you the incentive needed to stay motivated!


An example could look like this:

  • Try a new recipe +10 points
  • Practice guitar +5 points
  • 30 Minutes of Exercise +5 points
  • Finish a book +15 points
  • 1 hour watching TV -5 points
  • 30 minutes of social media -5 points

Create a Happy Environment

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Give yourself the space you need to do each of these tasks to make it more enjoyable! If you're reading a book, light a candle and pour a nice glass of wine. If you're testing a new recipe, put on some fun music! If you have a work related goal, make sure your workspace is setup so you can be as productive as possible. A little natural light in your work space can inspire happiness and creativity.

Being home can be productive and fun-- it's up to you to #MakeTime for what inspires you!