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  1. Refreshing Celery Mimosa

    Refreshing Celery Mimosa

    This is no ordinary Mother’s Day, so we wanted to suggest some out of the ordinary Mimosa recipes to mark this special occasion. This mimosa is simple, refreshing and elegant.

  2. Raspberry Cream Filled Mimosa

    Raspberry Cream Filled Mimosa

    This dessert-like mimosa is perfect for the mom with a sweet tooth. Delicious raspberry cream filling surrounded by crisp bubbles is the perfect treat.

  3. Nectar-Peach-Thyme Mom-osa

    Nectar-Peach-Thyme Mom-osa

    We have used thyme wisely, adding an aromatic herbal note to the subtly sweet Nectar flavors. This lovely, sophisticated take on the traditional mimosa is surrounded by the beautiful sparkle of Wente Brut and just in THYME for Mother's Day!